Unofficially printed copies of Sasukepedia

We have recently discovered that there are unofficially authorized printed copies of Sasukepedia circulating around the web through various resellers such as eBay and Barnes & Noble’s website. These prints take some of our articles from Sasukepedia and are bound … Continued

SASUKE RISING comes to an end

SASUKE RISING, the 28th SASUKE competition, has officially come to an end! We would like to thank everyone that joined us in tonight’s broadcast, as well as to those involved in providing the stream for our users. In addition, we … Continued

Sasuke Maniac & Sasukepedia 2.0

[ Sasukepedia 2.0 ] Sasuke Maniac co-founder, Scnoi1217, and Sasukepedia admin, Anshinritsumai; have for quite some time now, been discussing the possibility of moving the Sasukepedia wiki at the very least, away from the Wikia network, with the intention of … Continued