Sasuke 32 Official Announcement & other updates

Sasuke 32 – Official Announcement We knew that Sasuke 32 would be happening, as it was announced almost as quickly as Sasuke 31 had finished, but today TBS has officially announced Sasuke 32, officially titled 「SASUKE2016」夏 (lit. Sasuke 2016 Summer). The announcement … Continued

Forum Changes, Unofficial Nico Nico, & Podcasts

Yesterday we updated the forums with new boards for the various spin-offs of Sasuke and ANW popping up around the world. Also, the main man in charge of producing Sasuke, Inui Masato, is now hosting a monthly live show/chat dedicated … Continued

Final Stage Podcast & Armchair Ninja Podcast

The offseason is an unfortunate dryspell of official Sasuke content; but with that we have various fan creations, such as the various podcasts created by the community. Final Stage Podcast – Episode 5 Once again, we’re featuring Final Stage Podcast, … Continued