Sasuke 33, American Ninja Warrior 9, and Kunoichi 9?

It’s been relatively quiet in Sasuke land since the broadcast of Sasuke 32 back in July. Recently however, TBS announced Sasuke 33, followed soon after by NBC announcing American Ninja Warrior’s 9th season. Most recently, and out of nowhere, TBS stealthily announced Kunoichi 9, the all-female Sasuke competition, and it looks like it’s going to be around (but still somehow before) Sasuke 33.

Sasuke 33 – Sasuke 2017

TBS announced Sasuke 33, officially 「SASUKE2017」, via their site back at the end of October. The deadline for applications is January 6, 2017, with auditions in Tokyo & Osaka in mid-January. The early January deadline and mid-January auditions have lead to speculations of a possibility of bi-annual tournaments again, one early in the year and one late in the year. Keep in mind that this is an unconfirmed rumor, and nothing is official until it actually happens.

As usual, international competitors can apply, but acceptance is very rare if you don’t sell yourself well, and have enough dedicated time in Japan to be around for auditions & taping – and Americans might find it even harder if not completely impossible to get accepted due to Comcast / NBC having the rights to American competitors via it’s American Ninja Warrior license.

Submit your Sasuke 33 application now – deadline is January 6, 2017.

American Ninja Warrior 9

Literally the day after TBS announced Sasuke 33, and not to be out shined, NBC had to chime in with their announcement of American Ninja Warrior’s 9th season on November 1, 2016. The deadline for applications is January 2, 2017 – just 4 days before Sasuke’s deadline. There is no further information regarding locations for regional qualifiers, including exact locations or dates. As always, the national finals will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Anyone hoping to get their chance to be on American Ninja Warrior might want to take a look at this article, where the ANW producers explain in detail what they’re looking for when selecting people.

Submit your American Ninja Warrior 9 application now – deadline is January 2, 2017.

Kunoichi 9?

Seemingly out of nowhere, TBS stealthily announced the next iteration of the all-female Sasuke spin-off, Kunoichi. The application deadline is the same as Sasuke 33, closing on January 6, 2017, with auditions in Early January, before Sasuke 33’s auditions. The taping date for this event is rumored to take place before Sasuke 33 as well.

Rumors surrounding the event suggest a possible rename, moving away from the Kunoichi name, as well as a change in the show’s format. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the show is facing a possible reboot in it’s identity and format.

Submit your Kunoichi 9 application now (women only) – deadline is January 6, 2017.