Sasuke 32 – Taping day 1, unusual interruption, and competitor list revealed.

Not only did SASUKE 32 began taping earlier today, but TBS also released the list of competitors. In addition, something eventful happened during taping, and we don’t know anything about it.

Be warned, there be spoilers below.

Day 1 Filming Begins

At 7:00 AM local Japan time, on-site registration began for all competitors. Taping occurred until about 2:30 PM local time, concluding half-way through the first stage, with the rest resuming tomorrow. We have no details on any of the runs, as expected from an air-tight Non-Disclosure Agreement from all in attendance.

Unusual Interruption

However, at some point during the day, there was some sort of “unusual interruption” that occurred for the first time in Sasuke history. We don’t know what exactly happened, and those on-site (competitors, crew, and audience) are under NDA, so we won’t be hearing anything from them until they’re allowed to discuss what exactly happened.

From what we can find, there haven’t been any reports of injuries sustained thus far, as those might appear on local news or blogs. Weather reports showed it clear for the day; no rain, and light wind (3-7mph) throughout the day, until after filming was concluded; where the wind picked up by 5-10 mph, hitting the 10-15mph range. Two and a half hours after the conclusion of filming for day 1, a 4.6 magnitude earthquake occurred off the southern coast of Japan, at a depth of 127-150km. There doesn’t seem to be any reports of earthquake activity within the filming region. Perhaps it was political issues? U.S. President Obama is in Japan, visiting the Hiroshima Peace Memorial on Friday, ahead of the 2016 G7 Summit.

Competitor List

SPOILERS BELOW – You’ve been warned.

We won’t be going through the whole list here, but we will pull out a few names.

First and foremost, what remains of the competing All-Stars – Takeda Toshihiro, Yamamoto Shingo, and Nagano Makoto; are all lined up in the prestigious 98, 99, and 100 positions, respectively. Takeda takes number 98 for the 5th time, Shingo takes 99 for the first time, and Nagano with 100 for the 15th time.

Sasuke 31 Champion – Morimoto Yusuke, will not be competing due to personal issues regarding employment. Had he participated in this year’s Sasuke, he would have risked not only his current employment opportunity, but potentially his career. He may return in the future, but he will not be present for Sasuke 32.