Sasuke Documentary, Rambling Rican trip to Japan, Ninja Warrior UK Broadcast

Finding Midoriyama – A Sasuke Documentary

Some fine fellows have taken it upon themselves to film a documentary covering both Sasuke and American Ninja Warrior, bridging the gap and filling in a lot of history that most people don’t know about one, the other, or both. Filled with countless amounts of interviews, these guys have been working for quite awhile to secure some of the best content they can with the people they can get a hold of. You can follow their Facebook Page and Twitter Account for more frequent updates. In addition, Arsenette wrote a blog about their project, as she has worked with the group a bit in the early stages. Progress on the documentary continues at full speed when not committed to other, personal engagements.

Help Rambling Rican get to Japan: The Sequel!

Similar to last year, one of our fellow Sasuke Maniac community members, and a long-time authority in the Sasuke blogging world, Arsenette, has been given the rare opportunity to be given an invitation as a spectator at Sasuke 32, to be taped later this year. However, in order to be a spectator, she needs help making the trip. Like last year, she has numerous perks and rewards for helping out; and that’s not counting the additional projects she’s working on that making this trip would help with, details of which will be announced later. Head on over to her Indiegogo page for more information on how to help out our fellow community member.

Ninja Warrior 28-30 (31?) – UK Broadcast

Coming from our friends across the pond, Keshi Heads have informed Arsenette, that Challenge TV will begin broadcasting new episodes of Ninja Warrior, starting on March 21, 2016, at 6pm local time in the UK. There will be two half-hour episodes every weeknight at 6pm. We know that the episodes will cover at least Sasuke 28, 29, and 30; but 31 is still up in the air. We also don’t know how long the run will be, and whether or not there will be any reruns.