Forum Changes, Unofficial Nico Nico, & Podcasts

Yesterday we updated the forums with new boards for the various spin-offs of Sasuke and ANW popping up around the world. Also, the main man in charge of producing Sasuke, Inui Masato, is now hosting a monthly live show/chat dedicated to Sasuke. And finally, we have updates to both Final Stage Podcast and Armchair Ninja Podcast.

Sasuke Maniac Forum Changes

The time has come for yet another reorganization of categories and sections on the Sasuke Maniac forums. This reorganization entails adding a place for the various spin-off shows of both Sasuke and American Ninja Warrior; such as Sasuke Vietnam, Sasuke Indonesia, Ninja Warrior UK, and Ninja Warrior Sweden; to name a few. While the discussion on each individual show isn’t large enough to warrant their own individual sections for each individual show, we have at the very least created a new section where the respective spin-offs can be consolidated in their discussions. If each individual show gets large enough to warrant their own sections (like ANW did), then we’ll make sections for them in due time.

Head over to the Sasuke Maniac Forums to take a look and partake in the community discussions.

Inui Masato’s Nico Nico chat/show

The man himself, the legend, the one and only, Inui Masato; has created what amounts to a monthly community discussion/show in which Inui talks about Sasuke. There are plans for various guests, and he will be answering questions from fans. According to Arsenette, Inui is OK with taking questions from the non-Japanese audience and fans, assuming we can get the questions to him (and translated) in time; and if you have any you would like to ask, you can post your questions via Arsenette’s forum thread.

One very important note that should be pointed out is that Inui Masato is not an official representative of TBS in a capacity that concerns the plans of TBS’ future of the Sasuke license. He is the creative director and editor of Sasuke, meaning that if TBS orders another Sasuke, he has free reign to change the course, direct the cameras, etc; but he can’t speak on TBS’ decisions to continue or cancel the show.

As it turns out, the first “episode” of this show will be this Thursday, October 8, 2015, at 9pm (21:00) JST. That’s Thursday morning at 5am Pacific and 8am Eastern for US viewers (timezone conversion). Guests for the episode include Yamamoto Shingo, Matachi Ryo, Urushihara Yuuji, and Hioki Masashi.

If you would like to know more, take a look at Arsenette’s post on the show, she goes into great detail about the show format, guests, and the important nature of Inui’s position within Sasuke.

Podcast Updates

Final Stage Podcast – Episode 6

A month later, and we’ve got another episode of Final Stage Podcast; Episode 6, which is now available on YouTube, iTunes, and Podbean. This episode, Will & Arsenette talk about the hard-to-not-talk-about controversial finale to American Ninja Warrior 7.

Armchair Ninja Podcast – Episodes 8-11

A month later, and the weekly Armchair Ninja Podcast has 4 new episodes. Oh my. Catching up since the last post, ANP has gone on to cover the Vegas Finals 2nd Week, the Vegas Finale, an interview with host Matt Iseman about potential changes to ANW 8 and the controversial ANW 7 finale; and this week’s episode interviews Jamie Rahn (Captain NBC), and talks about the National Ninja League.