Final Stage Podcast & Armchair Ninja Podcast

The offseason is an unfortunate dryspell of official Sasuke content; but with that we have various fan creations, such as the various podcasts created by the community.

Final Stage Podcast – Episode 5

Once again, we’re featuring Final Stage Podcast, with it’s fifth episode. The hosts have decided to stop beating around the bush, and actually talk about China’s Sasuke knock-off, X Warrior. Oh the legalities! :O

You can also read Arsenette’s blog post about the episode, where she goes into more detail about the episode’s content.

Aaaand for those of you that might’ve been eager and waiting, the entire podcast is now on iTunes.

Armchair Ninja Podcast

For those fans of American Ninja Warrior, you’re in luck. Rich of the Armchair Ninja Podcast has you covered with discussion and interviews from American Ninja Warrior competitors.

This week’s episode sits down with Andrew Lowes, a 4-time ANW competitor, and Kid from the Ninja Channel on youtube.

Have a listen on the Armchair Ninja Podcast website, where you can also download the episode if that’s your thing.

You can subscribe via iTunes or Android; or if you’re old school enough, RSS.