Final Stage Podcast Ep.4, Sasuke 31 Blogs & Vlogs

Final Stage Podcast Ep. 4

The fourth episode of Final Stage Podcast with 2D2Will and Arsenette is out, for those that haven’t gotten around to it just yet. This episode the two discuss the most important aspect of Sasuke, the obstacles. Should some stay while some get removed? What about modifications? Also, somehow, the BattleBots revival somehow wiggled it’s way into the episode.

Sasuke 31 Live Blog – LostInUbe

The first of the blogs goes to LostInUbe, who liveblogged the entire broadcast as it happened. His style is essentially a play-by-play as it’s happening, like the announcers themselves. Somehow, through some weird magic, LostInUbe was one of the lucky few who was given the opportunity to go to the taping of Sasuke 31 back in May.

Link: LostInUbe

Sasuke 31 Review – Arsenette, the Rambling Rican

In addition to LostInUbe, Arsenette also had the opportunity to attend the live taping of Sasuke 31 at TBS’ Midoriyama Studio in Yokohama, Japan.

Famously known as the Sasuke Picture Blog, Arsenette is once again back for Sasuke 31. You can view her Navi & Nico-Nico Special blog, which if you don’t know, the Navi and Nico-Nico Specials are essentially the “preview” shows for the competition.

Moving onto the main event; Arsenette’s blog is broken up into multiple parts, and so far she’s up to part 5 in the blog, all spanning Stage 1. As it is a work in progress, it’s still being updated with new parts, and part 6 will begin Stage 2 coverage.

Sasuke 31 Review – VenusHeadTrap

The third review of the competition comes from VenusHeadTrap, this time in the form of a 5-part vlog. Watch Sasuke 31 with Venus, with commentary and reactions.

Link: YouTube, part 1 of 5

Sasuke Maniac – Social Media

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