Sasuke 31 coming! Sasuke Vietnam destroyed!? Sasuke World Cup!? Final Stage Podcast??

Sasuke 31

In late April, TBS has publicly announced the taping dates of the 31st competition; along with the ability for people to apply to be in the audience, cheering on the competitors (provided you pay for your own way to the Midoriyama studios). Please note that it’s only for being an audience member, not a competitor! Similar to the previous 2 tournaments, the taping will take place over 2 days; Saturday, May 23, 2015, and Sunday, May 24, 2015. The First and Second Stages will be taped on the 23rd, while the Third and Final Stages will be taped on the 24th. As a reminder, this is just the taping date, not the broadcast date; we will not be watching the competition on these days. The actual date of broadcast should happen within 3 months after taping, most likely in a month and a half after taping, putting the broadcast in July; but we won’t know for sure until TBS officially announces the broadcast date.

We will be compiling a list of all confirmed competitors and obstacles in the coming weeks, as well as prepping an all-in-one information hub for everyone who wants to watch Sasuke 31. That will be posted in the weeks coming up.

Sasuke Vietnam

Also in late April, Sasuke Vietnam had gone through it’s taping, but not without issue. Sasuke Maniac regular and Sasuke blogger, Arsenette, had received word from Sasuke director Inui Masato that the set had been hit by an out-of-nowhere tornado, and while the set was mostly undamaged, aside from the announcer booths and lighting rigs, which had been completely destroyed.

24 hours later, and the course was ready to go and taping had begun. A broadcast date for this production has not yet been officially announced, but once we have more information, we’ll certainly be sure to share that information.

Sasuke Vietnam – Rope Ladder – ©Ryo Matachi (via @Arsenette)

Sasuke World Cup

Recently, the president of TBS had announced the forthcoming creation of the Sasuke World Cup. While the exact format of the production has yet to be announced, it has been confirmed that it will take place at the Midoriyama studios in Yokohama, Japan, and will be under the production of TBS directly. This international event most likely comes after the failed SASUKE ASEAN Open Cup last year, and seeing the relative success of NBC’s American Ninja Warrior production with regional qualifiers and a national finals. It should also be noted that the organization behind last year’s SASUKE ASEAN Open Cup is no longer affiliated with TBS and future productions are not officially Sasuke related.

Final Stage Podcast

Sasuke Maniac community members Arsenette and 2D2Will have released the first episode of their monthly Sasuke podcast, Final Stage Podcast. Currently available on Youtube, the first episode covers the pair’s discovery of Sasuke, all the way up to current Sasuke events and their Sasuke-related projects, such as Arsenette’s Sasuke panel at AnimeNext. They plan on having the podcast available on SoundCloud and the iTunes store at some point in the future.