Sasuke 31 Announced, Sasuke 30 on DVD, & ANW 7 Deadline

Sasuke 31 – Official Announcement & Applications Open

Sasuke 31 was officially announced today during the re-broadcast of Sasuke 30. The application process for Sasuke 31 is also now open to all who wish to apply. While there are no specific prohibitions against non-Japanese residents; your chances are likely far lower than those of local applicants who will be able to be present for the interview process and potential trials. Applications are open to anyone, male or female, age 18 or over, and are open until Sunday, March 22, 2015. Early auditions/trials/interviews are expected to take place in April in Tokyo and Osaka. Filming and broadcast dates are not known at this time.

Sasuke 30 – DVD Announcement

Sasuke 30 was officially announced to be making a DVD appearance, available in Japan only. While there are no current options for international fans, there have been “talks” of trying to get an international release; however licensing (particularly music), manufacturing, and distribution may be factors preventing an international release at this time. Additionally, there is no known information at this time in regards to how these DVDs will be region coded. Japan is Region 2, which is not shared with the United States; but the DVDs could always be encoded to be region-free, though that most likely will not be the case.

American Ninja Warrior 7 – Applications Deadline

If you’re an American Ninja Warrior hopeful, your deadline is fast approaching. The deadline for applications is Sunday, January 11, 2015. Applications are open to men and women age 21 and over. Dates for interviews or qualifying competitions have yet to be announced, and as such, broadcast dates are not known at this time either. Specific locations for filming have yet to be announced as well, but if previous years are anything to go by, we know at the very least, Venice Beach, California will be one of the qualifying regional cities, with Las Vegas, Nevada serving as the National Finals.