Unofficially printed copies of Sasukepedia

We have recently discovered that there are unofficially authorized printed copies of Sasukepedia circulating around the web through various resellers such as eBay and Barnes & Noble’s website. These prints take some of our articles from Sasukepedia and are bound in book form, however we the Sasuke Maniac community (caretakers and contributors to the Sasukepedia wiki) have not officially authorized a printed release of any content on Sasukepedia.

The license of Sasukepedia, which is a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license, does not prevent anyone from reselling articles in printed form, however it does require the publisher of the book to properly attribute all article contributors and copyright holders, which this print does not do at all.

Should anyone ever happen to purchase a copy of these unofficial prints, please be aware that these are not officially authorized by Sasukepedia, nor should they ever be considered as such.