SASUKE RISING comes to an end

SASUKE RISING, the 28th SASUKE competition, has officially come to an end! We would like to thank everyone that joined us in tonight’s broadcast, as well as to those involved in providing the stream for our users. In addition, we would like to thank Tokyo Broadcast System for continuing SASUKE’s legacy after what was thought of as it’s end with the downfall of it’s original production company, Monster9.

Tonight, we say goodbye to 6 of our favorites, and who were revered as the greatest competitors SASUKE has ever seen, the SASUKE All-Stars – Shiratori Bunpei, Yamada Katsumi, Akiyama Kazuhiko, Yamamoto Shingo, Takeda Toshihiro, and Nagano Makoto. These six retire from SASUKE, to make way for a new era of competitors – goodnight.

If you would like to know more about the competition, or were unable to join us and missed it entirely, please join our community forums for discussion and information on how to watch the competition again.

For those of you that are interested in SASUKE’s legacy, we will also need help in documenting SASUKE RISING over at our free and open-source wiki, Sasukepedia.