Sasuke Maniac & Sasukepedia 2.0

[ Sasukepedia 2.0 ]

Sasuke Maniac co-founder, Scnoi1217, and Sasukepedia admin, Anshinritsumai; have for quite some time now, been discussing the possibility of moving the Sasukepedia wiki at the very least, away from the Wikia network, with the intention of bringing back the old Monaco theme which provides full-width viewing of articles; to which Wikia has abandoned and left for dead with the implementation of their “New Wikia Look”, providing for a fixed-width web 2.0 blog-like style, which subsequently caused problems for Sasukepedia circa October 2010, some of which still remain. The proposed move away from the Wikia network, would invoke the use of a new MediaWiki installation with a ported version of the Monaco theme compatible with a default MediaWiki installation, hosted on Anshinritsumai’s servers, as a part of the “Zodiac Alliance”, to which the Sasuke Maniac fansite is currently hosted.

After successfully finding a working, stable version of the Monaco theme compatible with a default MediaWiki install (if you would like more technical details regarding this, please read the version of this article @, Sasukepedia 2.0 is in full-swing development, and will remain “In Development” until enough work on the wiki has been completed to ensure a smooth transition from Sasukepedia 1.0 to 2.0.

A quick overview of Sasukepedia 2.0:

  • Using the old “Monaco” theme that Sasukepedia used prior to the “New Wikia Look” that was implemented by Wikia in October of 2010.
  • Using the dark red color scheme that Sasukepedia currently uses on it’s version of the “New Wikia Look”, but applied to the old “Monaco” skin.
  • Will be importing all data from the current Sasukepedia into the new Sasukepedia to reduce the amount of work required by editors.
  • To reduce spam and vandalism, we will be disabling anonymous editing (anyone not-logged-in). Anyone can edit, so as long as they make an account.

[ Sasuke Maniac 2.0 ]

In addition to Sasukepedia 2.0, we’re working on the development of a Sasuke Maniac 2.0, a complete overhaul of the Sasuke Maniac site and forums, which will essentially integrate the two into a single seamless site. No longer will we be using the ProBoards forums, nor will we be using raw HTML for our site. We will have a fully integrated CMS and forums for front-page news, recent forum topics, comments on news articles, an integrated image gallery, user blogs, etc.

I don’t really want to spoil anything beyond this, but let’s just say that our plans are ambitious for our small community (despite being the largest for it’s purpose).

At this point in time, the development of Sasuke Maniac 2.0 isn’t nearly as on-track as Sasukepedia 2.0 is, and I probably shouldn’t have even mentioned it today, but what the hell. At least you guys know that we aren’t going away when Sasuke goes away, we’ve still got a lot of work ahead of us, and we’re here to stay.


[ Want to Help? ]

If you’re interested in helping out on Sasukepedia 2.0, please head on over to, and request an account.

If you’re interested in helping out on Sasuke Maniac 2.0, please contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!