Sasuke 31 Taping & Competitors

As of this time, Sasuke 31 has begun it’s first day of taping, moving through the first stage and the second stage. Taping will resume tomorrow morning at 9am, to finish up the third and final stages, if anyone gets … Continued

Help get Rambling Rican to Japan, Part 2!

One very special contributor has taken it upon themselves to help out Arsenette’s campaign in a different way, outside of the Indiegogo campaign itself. By providing round-trip airfare for Arsenette to and from Japan, the single largest expense for the … Continued

Help get Rambling Rican to Japan!

One of our fellow Sasuke Maniac community members, and a long-time authority in the Sasuke blogging world, Arsenette, has been given the rare opportunity to be given an invitation as a spectator at Sasuke 31, to be taped later this … Continued