Forum Changes, Unofficial Nico Nico, & Podcasts

Yesterday we updated the forums with new boards for the various spin-offs of Sasuke and ANW popping up around the world. Also, the main man in charge of producing Sasuke, Inui Masato, is now hosting a monthly live show/chat dedicated … Continued

Final Stage Podcast & Armchair Ninja Podcast

The offseason is an unfortunate dryspell of official Sasuke content; but with that we have various fan creations, such as the various podcasts created by the community. Final Stage Podcast – Episode 5 Once again, we’re featuring Final Stage Podcast, … Continued

Sasuke 31 Info Hub updated!

We have updated our Sasuke 31 Info Hub with general information, such as broadcast times around the world, and a detailed how-to on getting ready to watch the broadcast. Make sure you set your alarms and get your computer or … Continued